Introducing Becca

Becca is the heroine of my first interactive romance. She's a privileged grad student of the future. Confident, from a decent family she chafes against, she yearns for adventure and a career in space. She's leaving her planet where she's been highly successful with both guys and school and entering her first internship on an interstellar trader, which unbeknownst by her is run by the mob. Becca has decided not to share with her Captain that her brother is a Junior Admiral in the Navy. She has a bad case of sibling jealousy and is pretty sure she can handle a three month starcourse on her own. Young, hot to trot, and eager to make a name for herself, we meet Becca just as she boards The Cider Pot for the first time, brimming with determination.


  1. Cool! She sounds like a kick-ass heroine who is about to cause, and find herself in, trouble.

  2. Becca is not as capable with guys as she thinks she is. This first space flight is going to be very hard on her...