Choose Your Own Story + GW2

My poison of choice is Guild Wars. I freely acknowledge no writing will get done this Jan-Feb, because that is when GW2 is FINALLY due. (I'll believe it when I see it though.)

As I was cruising demo videos, drooling over the new awesomeness, I got this video and at the 4 min mark, I almost saw sparkles of joy. Here the geek wonder in charge of GW2 basically explains how it is a massive choose your own adventure. There are consequences for behavior, for battle outcomes, AND for the story you build at character creation.

Cue my disco ball and butterfly fireworks. It's like Dragon Age, only for everyone all together. And people are sneering about that. (buh-bye snot-heads! have a good time with your ugly wow world!) The main topic of conversation in our house now is what race and class to choose. My guy is leaning toward Asuran ranger, but I think the thief, with the random steal and shapeshifting, is calling to me. And of course, I do love my Norn world. Although it is a little odd to have a Norn be a thief. It's against what a Norn is, imo. Ah well, it will fit as well as a miniature archer. Can you imagine a longbow on Stitch? Me neither.

The replay-ability (there's a gaming word for this that escapes me at the moment) of such a world, where you can play a good human warrior or a nasty char necro in the same world, and have totally different outcomes, along with different presentations based on winning a battle... it's like cyoa GEEK OUT beauty.