Awesome CYOA romance game-books

Morgan Hawke, an erotic romance author, has tried her hand at cyoa blended with art. Think Hyperstudio, only cool again. The engine is called Ren'py and there's lots of romance to explore, especially manga style, on their site.

Hawke calls her work "visual novels" and the visuals are really lovely indeed. All 3, a fairy tale, a vampire, and a yaoi, are rated X and not for minors. I really wish there were an index or a way to bookmark/save a choice because it gets really tedious replaying to discover other endings. Other than that multi-use quibble, they're well done. Their charm is in their cleverness, not the depth of the story. Check them out!


GW2 Dreaming Quizfest

For awhile I’ve been thinking about making a GW2 character quiz. I’m disappointed I couldn’t find a quiz that did both piping and allowed for a large result pool or a split result pool (basically welding 2 quizzes into 1). Vision aside, I liked gotoquiz because it was free (tradeoff—ugly) and it allowed a ranked output showing how close you were to the other choices, which I consider as valuable as the top “answer.” Please share and repost!

My race quiz
My profession quiz
My order quiz

My silly chick version of the profession quiz


So after I finished mine I went out looking for others. I found a few that sucked, a few that rocked, and a few good tries. Here’s my survey of quizzes, in true librarian form.

good! Quizilla shows % of other takers who scored as you did, which is interesting. 3 stars

(races) shows ranges of other choices. Cute! 3 stars *Quizfarm has gone defunct.

Cute! 3 stars

Obvious. Gives percentages, but not in order, nor does it have enough definition between outcomes, consistently landing ties. 2 stars.

Long, some repetition, obvious, but accurate. 2 stars. *Quizfarm has gone defunct.
spelling issues, some heavy-handed q’s, but okay. 2 stars

some spelling stuff, some obvious stuff, but okay. 2 stars

facebook required-grrr. Some spelling issues, some heavy-handed Q’s. 1 star.

only 7 classes, heavy handed, long, repeated questions, doesn’t show range of other choices, only top choice. 1 star

only 5 of the classes, incomplete, don’t rec. 0 stars

only 7 of the classes, heavy-handed y/n questions, don’t rec. 0 stars

terrible English, don’t rec. 0 stars
7 totally obvious choices for each unfun question. Heavy-handed. No fun output. 0 stars

not even a real quiz, just a popularity chart. 0 stars