GW2 Dreaming Quizfest

For awhile I’ve been thinking about making a GW2 character quiz. I’m disappointed I couldn’t find a quiz that did both piping and allowed for a large result pool or a split result pool (basically welding 2 quizzes into 1). Vision aside, I liked gotoquiz because it was free (tradeoff—ugly) and it allowed a ranked output showing how close you were to the other choices, which I consider as valuable as the top “answer.” Please share and repost!

My race quiz
My profession quiz
My order quiz

My silly chick version of the profession quiz


So after I finished mine I went out looking for others. I found a few that sucked, a few that rocked, and a few good tries. Here’s my survey of quizzes, in true librarian form.

good! Quizilla shows % of other takers who scored as you did, which is interesting. 3 stars

(races) shows ranges of other choices. Cute! 3 stars *Quizfarm has gone defunct.

Cute! 3 stars

Obvious. Gives percentages, but not in order, nor does it have enough definition between outcomes, consistently landing ties. 2 stars.

Long, some repetition, obvious, but accurate. 2 stars. *Quizfarm has gone defunct.
spelling issues, some heavy-handed q’s, but okay. 2 stars

some spelling stuff, some obvious stuff, but okay. 2 stars

facebook required-grrr. Some spelling issues, some heavy-handed Q’s. 1 star.

only 7 classes, heavy handed, long, repeated questions, doesn’t show range of other choices, only top choice. 1 star

only 5 of the classes, incomplete, don’t rec. 0 stars

only 7 of the classes, heavy-handed y/n questions, don’t rec. 0 stars

terrible English, don’t rec. 0 stars
7 totally obvious choices for each unfun question. Heavy-handed. No fun output. 0 stars

not even a real quiz, just a popularity chart. 0 stars

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