Introducing Charlotte

Charlotte is sweet, solid, and bored. After nursing her Gram through the end of her life for the last ten years, she's eager to explore. Gram  had  many stories of adventure, magic, and love but one thing she'd never done was take a cruise, so Charlotte embarks on one for both of them. Chubby, red-haired and silver-eyed, Charlotte has never felt beautiful, but while she idly wishes she were more social, she knows who she is and accepts that. She's a very steady person, practical and hopeful. Her personal goal for this cruise is to lose her virginity, and she doesn't need any roses and candlelight. She wants some earthy skin time, preferably a variety.

Charlotte is in for a surprise. There was a reason Gram's Gram made her swear to stay away from water. A mystical, supernatural reason. Charlotte has fairy blood, and her power is about to be unleashed upon the unsuspecting Annual Cruise of Fantastical Singles. Look out, bachelors!

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