So Who Are My Associates?

I'm proud of myself for trying something "out there" but I acknowledge that I'm not such a Special Snowflake to be a pioneer.
So I went looking for others who are writing interactive romance right now. I found this YA series Choose Your Boyfriend. I prefer my romance to have a little more action in it. Of either variety, if you know what I mean. And what's up with the "20+ endings" statement. Count them already! Inquiring minds want to know. 21? 29?

On the other end of the spectrum is this pure erotica title by M. Wilson. Use Amazon's delightful Look Inside feature. It's sadly hysterical. You see, The first "chapter" or story introduction is only one page long. (And written in traditional second person!) So when I'm presented with my first choice, I cannot read on because I'm directed to page 113/118. *giggling* Woops! There's a small issue with chronological excerpts.

Color me bowled over to find a NY backed CYORomance. It's co-authored with a m/f pair and sets up a gender choice at the beginning. Whatever You Want looks really fun. Written in 2nd person and with 39 endings! I really adore their use of the (commented) end, and how there is only one (Perfect) End. That's another future blog topic of mine. I can't wait to read this!

This one looks more of a lowbrow romcom, and I can kind of tell from the blurb that it's written by a guy. My romance expectations lower, but it still looks nifty. It's also been turned into an app. *jealous*
Beer, Women, and Bad Decisions - An Interactive Book for Adults (Choose The Ending Books)

Christina Crooks, an author for Aphrodisia, had a short story collection of CYORomance for sale. I've found mentions of it around, but its Amazon page is 404. Color me disappointed, because it looks like she explored several genres, like I do. Update: She's posted it for free on her extras page.
Romance Stories - An Interactive Fiction Collection

And I suppose I should mention the self-publishing god Konrath's foray. He took a minor character from one of his series and put him into an "experimental" book. Even the fans admit there's not much story, but apparently there's sex and a lot of silliness. 

Feb update: Here's a sexual adventure with a multi-cultural flair.
I'm really glad these other people are out there, because it makes my idea seem concurrently a valid option and something new. Here's to niche writing.  
Update: I found even more, so hop to this post or this post.


  1. That is probably one of the most interesting literary surveys I have ever seen! You look like a pioneer in this field, Mima.

  2. Pretty GREEN Eyes, i'm glad of your support. If you check any of these out, let me know, 'kay?