Get Your (Romantic) Game On

There's some pretty nifty games available right now for people who are into this genre. One I have direct experience with is the slickest interactive choice-based video game to come along, Dragon Age. It's a good third person RPG old skool style for PC. It is the philosophical progeny of Baldur's Gate, which wanted to be a choice-based RPG, but only followed the "fake out choice" style where you were punished for every negative option. Lame (and also buggy). But anyway, Dragon Age is nifty because it takes character into account. There are storylines that contain both sex (HI-larious), romance, and both.

If video games are your thing, there's another one, indie-developed and romance author written. The marvelous Marjorie Liu developed one of her series into a choice-driven game, Tiger Eye. I haven't played it. I'd love to hear from anyone who has.

I didn't know about Harlequin's foray into it was blogged at Dear Author.

There's this app, also playable online, which starts with a quad choice and then lets you personalize your character. Ooooo, neat twist! Plot Bunny! When I played it, I found the deluge of choices numbing and the consequences of my choices too minor/opaque. It offers the option to write one for them to sell.

I think as a researcher into this genre, I'm going to need to play Tiger Eye! If I do, I'll share my experiences. Or maybe I'll find a guest blogger to do it!

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