The Pure Read

When I sat down with a CYOA, I had an extra intense feeling of anticipation. That's because I knew that once I was through that first pure read, I'd be taken to my True End. I was always ruthless with my pure read. I would pause and gaze into the distance, considering each choice from all angles, insisting that I be honest. OH the frustration of not being given a choice I'd actually choose! Encountering the lesser of two evils made me very bitter about a pure read.

Yeah, I'm pretty much admitting to the world the level of my geekiness. There was something magical about being faced with completely fresh scenarios and discovering where they led. If I managed to kill myself on a pure read, I became very superstitious about the day, like the luck from the book would spill over. I'd be jubilant if I scored a positive ending, like it somehow validated my intelligence/humanity/reading prowess.

When I started sharing Becca with friends who don't read, I would talk them through the story. I kept track of the endings they ended up on in a Pure Read. I would look at them with a gypsy-skepticism, like I could suss out hidden depths to their personality by which choices they landed on. When a friend pointed out that by designing a Fake Fake-Out Choice, I was negating their desires to be good/evil, it left me stumped. Oh, yeah. I did have some tricks in there. Well, it's still interesting, anyway!

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