What is interactive fiction?

Interactive fiction is what they're now calling stories with embedded links and/or choices. It has also been called maze fiction, tree literature, branching path books, or gamebooks.  Most famously, it is the type of story exemplified by the Choose Your Own Adventure series. It is also what publishers call tactile board books for babies where they can move the stuffed animal to bed or stick their fingers through the holes. While fun, that's not the kind of book I'm exploring. (Never say never. I can think of some fun uses for cutouts in sexy interactive fiction, but the eformat currently limits me.) There are still a lot of interactive books being directed at kids, but I'm more interested in the adult aspect of choice and giving readers the power to explore, reread, and die. It's my belief that ebooks are perfect for this genre.

This little blog details my journey into writing an adult (really adult) interactive story. The reader will have choices, danger, adventure, passion, and consequences. Hope there's other weirdos like me out there.

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  1. I remember those choose-your-own adventures! Enjoy the creative process.