Gods Bless Engineers

I found this dude. He's taken analysis of CYOA to a whooooole new level.
I enjoyed his article even though there were parts I didn't get. But basically he's proven that the earlier stories had more choices and more endings. So my dreadful experience with the mutant ants wasn't a fluke. I need to get hold of one of the earlier titles!

His tree graphs of the choices look just like my first attempt at a non-spoiler numerical index. And he also confirmed my belief and practice of making happy endings rarer than mediocre/unhappy finishes. Interestingly, he is able to somehow calculate how common a choice was, and confirmed that the most likely of choices lead mostly to crappy endings, and the happiest endings are actually harder to find because they are uncommon choices. That is an aspect I never considered when I created my choices, because I wanted to make my choices (significantly fewer than in an old cyoa) ALL be reasonable.

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  1. He has an interesting brain! I hope this will be useful to you as you plot future stories.