Gods Bless Engineers Part Deuce

So this guy, who never takes credit for his work that I can see, has this elegant website analyzing CYOA. I was spending more time on it and I discovered the header is a tiny menu. He has movies of readers finding all the endings of a CYOA that's, like, a work of geek art. But you have to click the tiny PLAY in the upper left. He also has a playable Zork!
I have existed for years hearing detailed adventures of Zork from my guy. It's the mother of all RPG's and he helps me understand it by saying it's a text-based Myst. Every single object in the world is listed. You can pick it up, break it, all these odd commands. I was never interested in Zork, but Myst had a lovely romance subtext and I was enthralled with that game for months. I'd forgotten all about it!

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