Glutton for Punishment

One of my main girls asked me why I'm so into writing these interactive romances, especially after I've been rejected. She said I basically had to write 12 short stories, braid them all, and sell them as one. I nodded. Yup. I dunno why I like them. Plotting them is a blast, and writing them is easy because there's not nearly as much organic discovery. I've banged out all of them in a month (of actual writing time), edited in a few weeks, beta read them favorably.

Since I'm having so much fun, I'll keep trotting this Old Gray Mare until she keels over. I've got an editor, a cover artist, and a formatter. I'll sink a little $ into this trio, and see what self publishing to Kindle and Nook is like. If it's Not Good, I foresee a large plot bunny family for the free reads on my website!

But there are some days I'm thinking I'm obsessed by these stories. I'm investing my own author mad-money back into something the professionals have told me isn't right for the industry, and I'm neglecting other projects for which I have confirmed readers. Am I lost in the woods or just following a harmless folly?

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