The Cache

Demian Katz, you are so cool. For more than a decade, this guy has been keeping track of all CYOA stuff. So if you go to his search box on gamebooks.org and type "romance" as a keyword he has a whole list of goodies. (And also some necromantic goodies because the search is string based, not unit based, but I quibble with my librarian mind.) Take a gander at this British series from the early '80s!
I'm actually quite speechless. Here's another series, Follow Your Heart Romance, same era, for teens.
And for some reason, one Silhouette was converted into a gamebook when it was translated into Italian!
"Libro Game!" Where's Ms. Menozzi when I need her? Perhaps the translator decided to get creative? Did someone think Italian women wouldn't read a romance if they weren't in control somehow? *dying laughing*

And then there's this book which somehow got labeled "Romance" through the wonders of translation when it went to Brazil. Those wacky Brazilians, always sexing up the strangest things.

This treasure trove is awesome. I now have a little geek dream. Maybe someday my series will be listed on this site for posterity! Seriously, I'd love that.


  1. That would be cool! It is great you have a trio of stories ready to go - you already have your own series!

  2. Hey, Mima - I can't resist giving you a translation.(In my own limited Italian, of course. Heh.)

    'Libro Game' - Book Game.

    'Amore è...Passione e Romanticismo' - Love is...Passion and Romanticism.

    'Un romanzo, un gioco, due soluzioni di uno stesso conflitto!' - A novel, a game, two solutions for the same conflict!

    Hm. Not so thrilling, is it? LOL!